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Jack Gregory

Jack Gregory
"Jack's Trip to China September 2004"

Jack tells his very funny story about his trip cycling around Beijing with Bike China Adventures.

Copyright © Jack Gregory, 2004

Abe Cripps and Jocelyn Fredlund

Abe Cripps
"Abe and Joc's Chinese Odyssey"

Abe relates his and Jocelyn's experiences in Yunnan while on a Bike China Adventures tour.

Copyright © Abe Cripps, 2003

David and Adele Arthur

Adele Arthur
"One Wednesday Morning"

Adele and David Arthur tell the story about a typical day cycling in Changsha. "Riding in China is always entertaining. We early learned that you should always take the camera on every ride even if you have ridden that way fifty times before because China always manages to come up with something new..."

"The Bin Yang Experience"

Adele and David Arthur tell the story of one of the more exotic and entertaining parts of their journeys in China. Stuck in a small town for the night during the Fire Dragon Dance...

Copyright © Adele Arthur, 2004

Antonio Graceffo

Antonio Graceffo
"Two Seconds at Moon Lake"

Antonio writes, "Here is another taiwan bicycle adventure. But, I have to warn you, this one is basically an anti-travel story. It deals with the concept of "what happens to a travel writer who is sick of traveling?" It is pretty funny. There is only one photo, but that is part of the humor. You will understand when you read the piece."

Copyright © Antonio Graceffo, 2004

Thomas Stevens
"Around the World on a Bicycle"
Through China in 1886

This is the remarkable story of Thomas Stevens who left San Francisco in 1884 on a Columbia penny farthing and spent the next three years becoming the first man to ride a bicycle around the world. This contains his journey through China in 1886.

Antonio Graceffo

Antonio Gracefio
"Around Formosa by Bicycle"

Antonio Graceffo completed a solo bike tour of over 1,300 km around Taiwan. Along the way, he stopped to get to know the local people. He spent nights in churches, temples, police stations, and even spent a night with the aborigines, learning much about their culture.

His goal was to portray Taiwan as a travel destination, but also to dispel myths of the entire island being an industrial manufacturing plant. He was able to capture beautiful photographs of sunsets above lush, green tropical forests in Taiwan’s mountains, matched only by the beauty of the golden sunrises, on the Pacific Ocean.

Copyright © Antonio Graceffo, 2003

Jonathan Litton

Jonathan Litton
"Break for the Border"

After teaching English in China for a year, Jonathan Litton takes to his bike for an adventure to be remembered.

Copyright © Jonathan Litton, 2004

Matt Bridgestock

Matt Bridgestock
"Cross China Bike Tour - Summer 2003"

On his way around the world, Matt cycles through China from Almaty to Shanghai.

Copyright © Matt Bridgestock, 2003

Antonio Graceffo with his cycle rickshaw filled with gear crossing the Taklamakan Desert

Antonio Graceffo
"Taklamakan Desert by Rickshaw"

Travel writer Antonio Graceffo's story of cycling the Silk Road across the Taklamakan Desert by rickshaw.

copyright © Antonio Graceffo, 2003

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Ros and Paul Whitelegg
"Whiteleggs on Wheels Through China for Starfish"

Ros and Paul Whitelegg's story of cycling through China.

Copyright © Ros and Paul Whitelegg, 2003

Mike Vermeulen in India

Mike Vermeulen
"Cycling Yunnan Province with BikeChina Adventures"

Mike Vermeulen's story of cycling through Yunnan Province.

Copyright © Mike Vermeulen, 2003

Amelia Oliver

Amelia Oliver
"Travelling Around Central China By Bike And Otherwise"

Amelia Oliver's story of cycling through Sichuan, Chongqing and Hubei Provinces.

Amelia Oliver

Amelia Oliver
"Cycling over the Himalaya from Kathmandu, Nepal to Lhasa, Tibet"

Amelia Oliver cycled with Christine and Malcolm Clark ( who are riding from England to New Zealand.

John McHale

John McHale
"Karakoram Highway 2000: Pakistan"

Read about John's bicycle adventures in Pakistan as he cycles the Karakoram Highway.

Michael Barker

Michael Barker
Cycle Tour through South-west China:
Kunming (Yunnan) to Chengdu (Sichuan)
July-August 2002

Read about Michael's cycling adventures thorugh Southwestern China.

John McHale

John McHale
"Uighurs and Other Friends:
A Xinjiang Travel Experience "
August 1998

Read about John's bicycle adventures with losing his passport and money in western China.

Peter Snow Cao

Peter Snow Cao
Several short articles on cycling in China.

Dani chats with a Panda

Danielle R. Reed

Cycling in Western Sichuan

Stephen Shapiro

Stephen Shapiro

From Qingdao to the End of the World:
Bicycling China’s Shandong Peninsula

The Great Wall at Badaling

Peter Snow Cao
Cycling from Beijing to Chengde
Travel Notes

Don Beachey

Don Beachey
Cycling Beijing to Chengde
Letter to Friends and Family

Bicycle Touring Travelogue of a Seven-day Ride.

Rainer Mautz

Rainer Mautz
Cycling Sichuan, Qinghai and Gansu
Email from the Road

Bicycle Touring Travelogue with Great Pictures including the Great Wall

Peter Snow Cao

Peter Snow Cao
Cycling to Danba in Western Sichuan, China - September, 2001

Bicycle Touring Travelogue with Pictures

Pete Richards

Pete Richards
Bicycling in Yunnan and Sichuan Provinces, May 2001

Detailed route desciption including road conditions and elevations by a 66-year old exercise-aholic.

Heinz Stücke

Heinz Stücke
Around the World by Bicycle

Guinness Book of Records holder
"Epic Journeys"

Read about Heinz' epic bicycle journey through 192 countries and view some of his amazing photographs.

Ernst Poulsen - The man behind the lens

Ernst Poulsen's Bicycle Touring Photo Travelogue of South China


Spoke Notes Stamp
Peter Snow Cao
Spoke Notes
Chronicles of a three-year bike tour.

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