Where do you want to go?

This questionnaire has been designed to help us help you plan a custom bicycle tour in China. Based on your answers we can tailor a tour that meets your requirements. There is no obligation in filling out the form

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(Note: for ease of inputting answers, some browsers will allow keyboard navigation using the "TAB" key to move down and the "SPACEBAR" to select or de-select.  "SHIFT+TAB" allows you to move up.)

1.  What are your interests?

Cultural: temples, museums, monuments
Social: Average Chinese daily life
Geographical: Interesting landscapes

2.  Is there a particular area of China you would be especially interested in visiting? Please check all that apply.

Beijing - Great Wall
Xi'an – Terra cotta Soldiers
Hong Kong
No particular place, I just want a fascinating cycling experience.

3.  Do you have any cycle touring experience?

No. I am new to cycle touring.
Yes. I have some experience. Please briefly describe.

4.  How would you describe your cycling fitness?

I can ride or 
I can ride fewer than 30 miles (50 km)
Don't know, I have never been on a long distance ride before.

5.  What is your cycling style?

Slow & easy
Fairly intense

6.  What is more important, comfort, or cost?

Both are equally important

7.  Would you prefer simple, clean inexpensive accommodations and meals (1-3 stars), or more up-scale facilities (4-5 stars) where available?

Simple, clean and inexpensive
Moderately more comfortable
The best available

8.  What level of support and comfort would you like? Check all that apply.

Support vehicle to carry my luggage and provide assistance when needed.
A rental bike so I don't have to bring one
An electric rental bike with a 50-mile (80-km) range
3- to 5-star hotels
Single room
Private bathroom
Running hot water
Nothing fancy, just good food and clean rooms

9.  Would you prefer to cycle with a small group (of 8 or less) or a private tour?

Group tour (with a guide)
Private tour (with a guide)
Self-guided tour (no guide)

10.  Are you planning to tour with others you know?

No, just me
Myself plus  

11.  What length of time would you be interested in cycle touring in China?

  or dates  

12.  What season of the year would you like to visit China?

Winter, if the location was warm
No preference

13. What concerns would you have about cycling in China? Please check all that apply.

Language or communication difficulties
Visa requirements
Politics/human rights

14.  I am


15.  I am


16.  My age is

Less than 30
30 - 39
40 - 49
50 - 59
60 - 69
Over 70

17.  Residence

18. Additional information or comments.

Please provide your correct email address if you want a response. If you do not hear from us... We are quite good about answering your survey (usually within 48 hours), so if you do not hear from us in a reasonable time it usually means that we have tried to reach you but your email address is bouncing (bad return address). But if we do not have your correct email address, there is no way for us to contact you.


How did you find us?กก

Thank you very much for your input.
May the wind be at your back and the roads full of cyclists!


Please note: your email address WILL NOT be passed on.

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