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China Maps and Road Atlases

If you are interested in doing your own route planning, or wish to tour on your own, you may find these references useful.

China Road AtlasChina Road Atlas – Good resource for both planning and on-the-road use. Shows virtually every through road in China outside of the cities and provides distances between most links. Relatively little topographic information, but does show railroad, rivers and some mountain peaks. Detailed maps are provided for 68 of the largest cities. 374 pages.

Covers entire China


Folded Road MapFolded Road Maps This is a set of six maps covering the most populated areas of China. The set covers the Northeast, East, South, South Central, Central and Southwest China. Between 12 and 15 metropolitain area maps are provided on the reverse side for some cities.



Map of ChinaEnglish/Chinese Map of China – Provides names of locations in both English (pinying) and Chinese characters. Useful if you can't read Chinese for reading maps with only Chinese characters.

Scale Scale in Kilometers Miles Physcial Size
1:4,500,000 45 km/cm or 112 miles/inch 1.0 X 1.3 m (3.06 X 4.37 ft)
1:6,000,000 60 km/cm or 150 miles/inch 0.76 X 1.00 m (2.38 X 3.28 ft)

Topographic Map Topographic Map of China – Topographic map of China with place names in Chinese. If you don't read Chinese, use with English/Chinese Map of China. Scale of 1:6,000,000 which translates to 60 kilometers per centimeter or 150 miles per inch. Physical size measures 1.0 x 0.76 meters (3.28 X 2.3 feet).


  Small Topograghic and Road Maps of China - This is a two sided map. One side shows the Topographic map of China with place names in Chinese. Scale of 1:12,700,000 which translates to 127 kilometers per centimeter or 200 miles per inch. The other side shows the Road and Railroad map of China with place names in Chinese. Scale of 1:12,000,000 which translates to 120 kilometers per centimeter or 185 miles per inch. Measures 0.52 x 0.38 meters (1.7 x 1.25 feet).

3d Topo 3D-Map of China - This is a plastic three-dimensional map of China with place names in Chinese. Scale is 1:40,000,000. Measures 22 cm X 30 cm (8.6 inches X 11.8 inches)



A Guide to Mountaineering in China - Book measures 15 x 22 x 2 cm (6.25 x 8.7 x 8.8 inches) with 222 pages and is published by the Chengdu Cartographic Publishing House.  Written in both English and Chinese this book includes includes a contour maps, a sketches of possible climbing routes, a road location maps for several mountains and descriptions of 44 mountain areas in Sichuan, Qinghai, Tibet, Yunnan and Xinjiang.


Chinses/English English/Chinese DictionaryConcise Chinese/English - English/Chinese Dictionary - Compact book measuring 4.2 x 16 x 8 cm (1.7 x 6.2 x 3.1 inches) but with 1,463 pages published by the Oxford University Press.  Also available in German, French and Japanese.


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China Road Atlas $24 $31
China Folded Road Map (6 Maps) $16/each map $18/each map
English/Chinese Map of China $20 $23
Topographic Map of China



3-D Topograghic Map of China $17 $18
Small Topograghic and Road Maps of China $13 $14.50
A Guide to Mountaineering in China $28 $35
Chinese/English - English/Chinese Dictionary $21 $26

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