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Scott and Runqiong's Window to the World - Scott is from Alstonville, north east NSW, Australia. Runqiong is from Guizhou, south China and is of Miao ethnicity. They met in Japan were we both live and to the surprise of friends, family and ourselves, we were married at the end 2003. Scott like to cycle, a lot! Here are some stories and photos from a couple of trips in China. Yunnan Bicycle Trip and Sichuan Bicycle Trip


Bicycles to Australia - In July 2002 Mark and Juliette set out to travel from Liverpool to Australia, cycling much of the way. They are allowing two years for the trip and hope to take their time and see something of the various countries they will be passing through. This link takes you to their diary and photos of their trip through China. Great stuff, take a look. - The Long Distance Bikers Forum - A terrific collection of ariticles, cycling trips, photos, books, bike shops, other cycling links, and a forum for the long distance cyclist.  The goal is to provide a forum for people who are doing biketrips around the world.

Whiteleggs on Wheels for Starfish - On the third of March 2003, Rosalind and Paul Whitelegg left the UK to fly to Asia, the beginning of an epic six month cycle raising money for Starfish. The couple are planning to cycle unsupported more than 4000 miles across Asia. They hope to pedal from the tropical rice-growing lowlands of SW China, up onto the Tibetan Plateau, across the Himalayas, into Nepal and finally into the tropical monsoons of India. If Paul gets his way, they will also attempt to cycle up to Everest Base Camp.  Starfish was formed in response to the unfolding tragedy of children orphaned or affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic in South Africa.

Monique & Christian Liechti-Kueffer's Around the World by Bicycle - Wonderful photos and travelogue of their 20 months on the road (currently in German, but with plans to provide an English translation soon). 

Warby's Worldly Wanderings - Danielle Warby's collection of cycling tales from Europe and China along with some political commentary.

Fiets tocht == bicycle tour in Dutch.   This site is organized by Mike Vermeulen and lists 25+ bicycle tours from 1985 to present taken that are at least a week long. These trips range in distance from 125 miles (Yunnan Province, China) to 17,700 miles (US/Australia/NZ/India) and in time from a week to one year.

Peter Vanderlans   - In the following pages you can see and read about my experiences during this year. This year has been a fantastic year, not in the last place because I met all these fantastic people. Without them it would be just a blend year. So I hope you enjoy this page.

Adam K's Cycling Site - Lots of good information on touring in BC, Canada and a list of touring info, trip reports.

The Travelin Hobo - This website has a database website for touring cyclists. The site is for factual info on biking anywhere in the world.

Jan Boonstra - Be sure to check out Jan Boonstra's extensive website on cycling in Korea:

This is the page of a guy who loves travelling, Thomas Schleicher. Full of great links and travelogues.

Part of their 26-month world bike tour included some time in China. Great write-up!

Trackster Man Check out Pete Jones and his trips to die for in China and southeast Asia on this well done site.

Cycle Logic Press Follow Neil and Sharon on their bicycle tours throughout USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

Patrick Jennings eJournal Includes a China trip as well as other journeys.

Ride Inorbit Cycled from Hong Kong to Goa, India via Tibet.

The Bike Brats Around the world with two pair of underwear.

The Endless Sky Trip Cycling the Himalayas

Crossing the Southern Silk Road

Scott's Travelogue Search Engine

Bicycling Adventure in the Tibetan Borderlands

Cass's Long Ride Home

Ken Kifer's Touring Links - Tons of detailed information on bikes and touring. Check it out.

The Yak Man Site Six years of cycling and still going strong.

Altavista's translation page for those us who are not fluent in German

John Locke's Cycling Travelogues of China and other places

Walter Stanish cycled a leisurely route Kunming to Laos in April 2002, which took about two weeks of cycling and two weeks of rest as far as I can remember. The trip covers the Red River valley (certainly a highlight of the trip for me), as well as Jianshui, Shiping, Gejiu and surrounds.

George Farnsworth's Bike Access web site information about taking bikes on planes, trains and much more.

BikeBrats Around the World Cycling Travelogue including China Around the world with two pair of underwear. Funny and well written.

Guilow in Guilin Travelogue of a short tour in south China

Jan Boonstra's Cycling Web site He lives in Korea and has some good information about cycling there.

Raul G's Travelogues of trips in China

List of many other cycling travelogues

Other China Travel Links

Unicycling across Southern China (17 Dec 04 to 27 Jan 05) - Roz Beste is looking for people to join him for all (or part of) a 6-week cycling trip to China over Christmas and January.  She will be on one wheel but 2-wheelers are welcome to join as long as they are happy with a slightly slower pace. She prefers people to join for at least 10 days. Ideally there would be 3-6 people at any one time. They will be staying in guesthouses, hotels or truck stops (we'll see what we can find). There is very little (well, none really...) information available for the small towns we will be in so this is not an overly pre-organised trip. However, I have done a very similar trip before (on 2 wheels) in 1996 so I know it is possible. But expect that we will be making lots of decisions as we go along.  Contact Roz at the link above if you want more information on this exciting tour.

Australia Tibet Council's "Independent Travel to Tibet" - [According to site author, Tony Williams] "This site does not pretend to be a guidebook but tries to keep up with the ever-changing "rules" about access to Tibet, and to give useful (and encouraging) advice to people planning to visit Tibet."

The Sun Room Cafe The Sun Room is located in the heart of the Ancient City, and serves traditional Naxi food, along with Chinese and Western dishes -- including their famous Dutch apple pie, and the only real coffee in town. The Sun Room's owner, Ahui, is a great resource for backpackers and tourists. An experienced tourguide and life-long Lijiang resident, she gladly answers all kinds of questions about Lijiang, Tiger Leaping Gorge, and the region's minority cultures -- in English or in Chinese.
Mishi Alley #52, Xinyi Street, Old Town Lijiang, Yunnan, China 674100 TEL: 0888-518-7605.

TurboCat - Info on getting from Hong Kong to Shenzhen or Guangzhou by boat

Chinese Embassy Web Site - Provided by Chinese Embassy in US, embassy info, generally about China, news, issue & events, for students & scholars, provinces, Regions and Cities, visa & passport, links.

Budget Travel in China - Budget travelling in China

Fly China Info - China internal airfares and schedules

Xianzai Elists - You can order weekly email newsletter on cheap airfares from Beijing amoung many other Chinese things

China Travel Tips - General tips for travelling in China

Beijing Musuems - Provided by China Administrative Bureau of Cultural Relics, historical sights and museums of Beijing

China Travel Service-  Provided by China Travel Service, general introduction to traveling in China

US State Department Travel Tips - Provided by Department of State Publications, US, traveling tips to China

The Oriental List - Great moderated elist about information about traveling in China. Host is China-travel author Peter Neville-Hadley.

On-line flight tickets booking


BikeAccess For some time George Farnsworth has been collecting information on user experiences taking bikes on planes, trains, buses, boats, etc. There's lots of stuff on rentals, folding bikes, busing, boxing, airlines, and railroads around the world and how to ride in/out of about 120 airports.

Peace Pedalers - A Worldwide Invitation to Ride! The world is an amazing place full of fascinating cultures, natural wonders, unique people, and especially awesome cycling journeys to be explored. Garryck Hampton and Jamie Bianchini are set to depart on a worldwide mountain bike expedition in April 2002 covering over 100 countries over a 3-5 year period. Our mission is to share our passion for cycling and encourage others to get involved in muscle-powered recreation and touring; demonstrate an environmentally friendly alternative to gas-powered transportation; and spread peace and love while experiencing the world's myriad of wonderful cultures and riding it's finest trails

"My best friend and I are heading to Hong Kong in April to start our world tour. From Hong Kong, we'll head north through China. You can read about our expedition at We are traveling on two tandem bicycles with the rear seats open so that people can join us. We are trying to locate people, anyone, who would like to join us for any part of our tour out of Hong Kong or through China. "


Formosan Fat Tire Association This website highlights mountain biking in Taiwan and demonstrates the freedom that off-road mountain biking offers on a crowded but beautiful island like Taiwan. Trail summaries include in-depth descriptions and photos of the trail.

Inorbitt: International Organisation for Bicycles in Travel and Transport.

Bike Club LINKS

Here are some great bike clubs to join and support.

The Chattanooga Bike Club ... is for people interested in bicycle riding (both road and mountain bike), trail maintenance, and creating new friendships. LINKS

From the Touring List here are some more links.

Signup Information for the Touring List

Jim Foreman's Web Page A wonderful story-teller of cycling tales and other tidbits.

The Oklahoma Bicycle Society Friendly folks from the Sooner State.

Tom Enlow's first self-supported tour from Gig Harbor, Washington to Bonners Ferry, Idaho via the North Cascades Highway

"Bicycle Fish" aka Grace Newhaven - Adelaide - 7 day cyclist

Richard S. Ralston

Brian DeSousa, Orange, California, USA

Check out the gear inch calculator

United Bicycle Institute

Bob Kiger aka Cruiser Bob

Cyclists' Touring Club


Rated by The Cycle Holidays Directory

WildSeeker - The Adventure Company Directory
Find the adventure company to fit your needs in 3 quick steps; hundreds of adventure travel outfitters offering adventure tours all over the world.

Monk-A-Moo Wild site with cool graphics from a Miami, FL USA company that offers high-end DH, Freeride, and XC components. Check out the science test!

PEDAL POWER was founded to encourage tourists to discover Vienna by bike and to provide Vienna hotels and B&Bs with an additional service for their guests. A way of combining culture with actively experiencing the city.   Our company was established in March 1996 by Rick Watts, Susanna Prader and Laurie Scott-Walton Rick is from North Carolina, Laurie is from New Zealand and Susanna is a hometown girl.

Find My Adventure is committed to providing adventure seekers the most comprehensive list of adventure outfitters and travel services worldwide, searchable both by region and/or adventure type - complete with information about services and products and, most importantly, testimonials from users like you!

Degree Confluence Project - The project is an organized sampling of the world. We've excluded
confluences in the oceans and dropped some near the poles, but there are still 13,524 to be found. You're invited to help.

TIM VASQUEZ'S Weird Confluences page - "Confluences are interesting to me because they represent randomness that emerges from strict order. It goes far beyond a silly quest for invisible man-made boundaries. The confluence latticework is an open defiance of the order our culture imposes on us, which frowns on tourists who abandon the travelled roads, the sanitized vistas, and the stops designed to conjure up dollars for empty memories. Confluences are in curious places that embrace you in their history, character, and ecology, surrounded by people who are locals in every sense of the word. You simply haven't experienced a region unless you've tried seeking out its confluences. Here's a few of them!"

Hobo Home for Budget Travelers Adventurers - Players - Explorers

Aavghon - custommade trekkingbikes The web site is in Dutch but has some great touring bike photos if you can't read Dutch. - Sports Directory.


Map to Chengdu bikeshops - There are several bike shops in Chengdu.  Here is a map to three of the better ones.

Flying Ball Bicycle Company Hong Kong bike shop.

Air Free Tires - Interesting concept. Check it out.

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