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To order materials, please complete the form below and submit. Then print out the form and mail it to the address shown below.

Product Prices include delivery


Surface Mail
(Approx. 3 months)

Air Mail
(Approx. 2 weeks)

China Road Atlas $24 $31
China Folded Road Map 101 - Northeast China $16 $18
China Folded Road Map 102 - East China $16 $18
China Folded Road Map 103 - South China $16 $18
China Folded Road Map 104 - South Central China $16 $18
China Folded Road Map 105 - Central China $16 $18
China Folded Road Map 106 - Southwest China $16 $18
China Folded Road Map 107 - Far Northeast China Out of Stock $16 $18
China Folded Road Map 108 - Northwest and West China $16 $18
1:4,500,000 English/Chinese Map of China $18.95 $22.95
1:6,000,000 English/Chinese Map of China $17.95   $19.99
3-D Topographic Map of China $17 $18
A Guide to Mountaineering in China $28   $35
Chinese/English - English/Chinese Dictionary $21 $26
Topographic Map of China $18 $20
Small Topographic and Road Map of China $13 $14.5
TOTAL (US Dollars)  

Note: If you have any questions, or would like more than one of an item, please note in the comment area below.

Full Name Address 1
Address 2 City
State or Province Postal Code
Country Email Address

You may pay by personal check made payable to Peter Snow Cao - Bike China Adventures provided it is drawn on a US bank in US dollars. You may also use an International Money Order.

I will mail a check or money order to you at:

Peter Snow Cao - Bike China Adventures
Yi Guan Miao Fang Cao Jie #6
Wangfu Hua Yuan 6A-1-17
Chengdu, Sichuan 610041CHINA

The check must reach us before the materials will be sent.

All prices are in US dollars. Need a Currency Converter?

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