Touring Bicycle Photos and Descriptions

Francisco Dellatorre Borges Bike

From Francisco in São Paulo, Brazil.
"The bicycle is a GT Pantera 95 with full STX, it has brazilian panniers
on the rear rack and front panniers & handlebar bag from Ortlieb. The rear
rack is a Jannd Mountaineering and the front one is a Black Burn

"This picture was taken in Andalusia, Spain. I've ridden with this bicycle
thought Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, US, Spain and Portugal. My highest load was
in Bolivia, part due to my inexperience and part due to Bolivia itself,
58 ~ 60 Kg. I think that at least 8 Kg of those 58 were unnecessary.
It might not look very smart use a MTB to tour in US or Europe but 26"
wheels are the standart for Latin America. Over here, you just can't
find replacement parts for road bikes (BIG cities don't count, everyone
knows that equipment fails only when you are in the middle of nowhere)."

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