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China Bicycle Sun Protectors

Here is the arm and shoulder sun protector.  There is a wrist band and a finger loop on each arm as well as a neck tie to hold the garment in place.

Here is the side and rear view.  The length goes down about half the back and has a design silk screened on.

Shoulder Sun Protector Price: US$11.95 Airmail

This is an example of face and shoulder sun protector.  The face sun protector is a wrap-around tinted screen that can be rotated up so one can see ahead without looking through the tinted screen or down as shown above so it covers the entire face.  The head attachment is a one-size-fits-all spring clip.

Face Sun Protector Price: US$18.95 Airmail

This woman is using a handlebar attachment that permits the use of any umbrella to shield the sun or avoid the rain. This umbrella holder is shown for informational purposes. It is not for sale here because it is not well made.

This woman is using all three methods of avoiding direct contact with the sun (shoulder cover, face screen and umbrella), plus gloves.

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