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Phoenix Bicycle Photos

DSCN0978.JPG (126968 bytes)

26" Wheel Phoenix, City Model, about 15 kg

DSCN0979.JPG (132460 bytes)

Front view of the Phoenix, City Model

DSCN0980.JPG (133188 bytes)

Back view of the Phoenix, City Model

DSCN0981.JPG (134765 bytes)

26" Phoenix, Farm model, about 20 kg

DSCN0982.JPG (132638 bytes)

26" Phoenix, Farm model, Front

DSCN0983.JPG (128231 bytes)

26" Phoenix - Left Farm Model, Right Letter Carrier City in Post Office Green

DSCN0984.JPG (136867 bytes)

28" Phoenix - Left Farm Model, about 25 kg, right City Model, about 20 kg


- Weight carrying capability of the Farm Model is three or four times that of the City Model.

- On the Farm Model there is a kickstand that places the bike at 90 degrees to the ground.

- The Farm Model also has reinforced front forks.

- Leather saddles with three-spring suspension

- Choice of a "ding dong" bell, or a continuous double ringer shown left to right, respectively on the last photo.

- Colors: green or black

- Mechanical pull-rod brakes

- One Speed Gearing

- Choice of tire sizes 26" or 28"

Photos are for reference only. We no longer sell Phoenix bicycles. You need to contact the Phoenix bicycle manufacturer directly for further information. Sorry, we no longer have their contact information.

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