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Phred Phlags, Patches, Stickers and Bandanas

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Phred Bandanas!

HUGE Phred Bandana!  70 cm X 70 cm (27.5 in X 27.5 in ) Center logo is 36 cm (14.2 in) and small logo is 15 cm (5.9 in)

Front view

Side view

Side view

Back view.  Can be adjusted so that more material can cover the neck if desired.

There are 0 Phred Bandanas remaining as of .

Sorry, sold out!

Price for Phred Bandana: US$1.95 each plus US$3.90 Worldwide Airmail shipping per piece = US$5.85 each
(delivery in about 14 days)

Phred Phlags

Phred Phlags

Phred Phlag Approximately 10" X 16"
Two-sided nylon phlags with emblem on both sides and sleeve for bike flag pole

There are 0 Phred Phlags remaining as of .

Sorry, sold out!


Retro-Reflective Sticker

Sticker Approximately 2" x 2"
Reflective sticker

There are 0 Stickers remaining as of .

Sorry, sold out!

US$0.50 each plus US$1.50 flat shipping charge regards of quantity.

Phred Embroidered Iron-on Patch

Embroidered Iron-on Patch Approximately 3.1 inches in Diameter (8 cm) with iron-on adhesive back
Patch Price: US$1.50 including AIRMAIL shipping in the U.S.

There are 0 patches remaining as of

Sorry, sold out!

Price for 1 Phred Patch: US$2.00 including Worldwide Airmail shipping

Phred Baseball Cap

Adjustable Baseball Cap with embroidered logo patch stiched on front

Baseball Cap Price: US$12 including AIRMAIL shipping

There are 0 caps remaining as of

Sorry, sold out!


Yellow T-shirt with black logo - Light weight material 100% cotton
Sizes: Only Large - though they tend to be a bit shorter than most U.S. t-shirts

T-shirt Price: US$4 plus US$10 AIRMAIL shipping

Sorry, sold out!

There is 0 Large T-shirt remaining as of .

Sorry, sold out!

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