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On the way to Xining

Rainer Mautz

Rainer Mautz@alumni.TU-Berlin.DE


Cycling Sichuan, Qinghai and Gansu


Email from the Road - Part 6


Copyright © Rainer Mautz, 2001.


My favorite picture: Old and New China!  Crossing of railroad
and the Great Wall near Wuwei.  I sat there and waited for the train to come for half an hour.

Chengdu to Xining Statistics

Total Distance: 2,447 km (1,520 miles)

Average Daily Distance: 74.2 km (46.1 miles)

Maximum 24-hour Distance: 195 km (121 miles)

Construction Work: about 550 km (341 miles)

Paved Roads: about 1,000 km (621 miles)

Cheapest Accommodation: 0 yuan

Most expensive Accommodation: 65 yuan

Here is my email address, so that anybody who is interested, can contact me.
Rainer Mautz@alumni.TU-Berlin.DE

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