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Updated 01/15/04

This list is rather daunting to those who wish to stay legal while traveling in the backcountry of China. Historically, it came about as a short list of open areas when China was mostly closed and there were few places foreigners were allowed to go. This list of areas has grown progressively to include most of China, but not all.

In accordance with Article 20 of Chapter 4 of the Law of the People's Republic of China Governing Foreigners' Entry and Exit, foreigners with valid visas or residence permits may travel to the following 1330 locations without special permission.

(Please note that even though an area itself is "open," the route there may not be open to foreigners.)  If an area is not listed below, permission to travel in that area must be sought from the local office of the Public Security Bureau (Gong An Ju).  Travellers should be aware that foreigners who travel  without permission to restricted areas may be detained by local authorities or expelled from China.  Restrictions on travel are subject to change without notice, and travellers should consult with local authorities or their embassy/consulate if there is any doubt as to whether a particular area is open to travel by foreigners.


Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing


Hefei City, Wuhu City, Huangshan City, Bengbu City, Tunxi City, Maanshan City, Anqing City, Huainan City, Huaibei City, Chuzhou City, Chaohu City, Shexian County, Fengyang County, Jingxian County, Jiuhuashan Tourist Area, Fuyang City, Suzhou City, Luan City, Bozhou City, Fuyang County, Tongling City, Xiuning County, Xuanzhou city, Qianshan County, Susong County, Tongcheng County, Dongzhi County, Zongyang County, Guoyang County, Mengcheng County, Suxian County, Xiaoxian County, Tianchang County, Quanjiao County, Shouxian County, Shucheng County, Lu'an County, Hexian County, Ningguo County, Guangde County, Huaining County, Wangjiang County, Taihu County, Yingshang County, Taihe County, Jieshou City, Lujiang County, Wuwei County, Jixi County, Langxi County, Laian county(in Chuzhou city), Guichi City, Funan County, Linquan County, Lixin County, Dangshan County, qingyang, jingde, huoshan, huoqiu, lingbi, Mingguang City, Yuexi County.


Fuzhou City, Xiamen City, Quanzhou City, Zhangzhou City, Chongan County, Putian City, Sanming City, Nanping City, Shaowu City, Longyan City, Jianyang County, Shunchang County, Jian'ou County, Pucheng County, Guangze County, Songxi County, Zhenghe County, Zhangping County, Shanghang County, Changting County, Yongding County, Liancheng County, Ningde City, Xiapu City, Fuding County, Tuorong County, Shouning County, Pingnan County, Zhouning County, Wuping County, Fuan City, Gutian County.


Lanzhou City, Baiyin City, Jiayuguan City, Jiuquan City, Tianshui City, Linxia City, Yongqing County, Dunhuang County, Xiahe County, Jinchang City, Yumen City, Zhangye City, Wuwei City, Pingliang City, Xifeng City, Minqin County, Qingyang County, Minxian County Wudu County, Dangchang County, Chengxian County, Wenxian County, Diebu County, Zhouqu County, Anxi County, Huating County, Xihe County, Kangxian County, Lixian County, Longxi County, Weiyuan County, Tongwei County, Zhangxian County, Jingchuan County, Zhuanglang County, Huachi County, Ningxian County, Zhenyuan County, Heshui County, Zhengning County, Maqu County, Gaotai County, Minle County, Huanxian County, Lingtai County, Chongxin County, Jingning County, Akesai Hasakezu Auto. County, Linxia County, Guanghe County, Hezheng County, Jishishan Baoanzu Dongxiangzu Salazu Auto. County, Tianzhu Zangzu Auto. County.


Guangzhou City, Foshan City, Zhaoqing City, Shenzhen City, Zhuhai City, Shantou City, Zhanjiang City, Zhongshan City, Jiangmen City, Shaoguan City, Maoming City, Huizhou City, Chaozhou City, Meixian City, Dongwan City, Gaoyao County, Xingning County, Huiyang County, Bolou County, Heyuan County, Lufeng County, Haifeng County, Huidong County, Xinxing County, Yunfu County, Sihui County, Fengkai County, Deqing County


Nanning City, Guilin City, Beihai City, Liuzhou City, Wuzhou City, Binyang County, Guiping County, Rongxian County, Guixian County, Beiliu County, Xingan County, Luchuan county, Yulin City, Qinzhou City, Rongshui Miao Nationality Autonomous County, Sanjiang Dong Nationality Autonomous County, Jinxiu Yao Nationality Autonomous County, Longsheng (Various Nationalities) Autonomous County, Longan County, Hepu County, Lingshan County, Pingxiang City, Longzhou County, Ningming County, Daxin County, Napo County, Jingxi County, Fangcheng Gezu Autonomous County, Luzhai County, Lipu County, Pingle County, Zhongshan County, Hexian County, Pingguo County, Tiandong County, Tianyang County, Tianlin County, Baise City, Yongfu County, Lingchuan County, Quanzhou County, Laibin County, Chongzuo County, Fushui County, Yishan County, Hechi City, Nandan County, Rongan County, Pingnan County, Bobai County, Cenxi County, Mengshan County, Zhaoping County, Tengxian County, Hengxian County, Tiandeng County, Debao County, Shangsi County, Pubei County, Shanglin County, Gongcheng Yaozu Autonomous County, Xiangzhou County, Donglan County, Bama Yaozu Autonomous County, Fengshan County, Lingyun County, Huanjiang Maonanzu Autonomous County, Tian'e County, Leye County, Luocheng Mulaozu Autonomous County, Guanyang County, Ziyuan County, Fuchuan Yaozu Autonomous County, Heshan City, Dahua Yaozu Autonomous County, Mashan County, Du'an Yaozu Autonomous County, Longlin Zezu Autonomous County.


Guiyang City, Anshun City, Zunyi City, Kaili City, Liupanshui City, Shibing City, Qingzhen County, Zhenyuan County, Huangguoshu Scenic Spot, Zunyi County, Anshun County, Bijie County, Tongren County, Xingyi County, Zhijin County, Jiangkou County, Dafang County, Qianxi County, Chishui County, Dushan County, Taijiang County, Pingba County, Dujun City, Fuquan County, Libo County, Sandu Shuizu Autonomous County, Guiding County, Xingren County, Zhenfeng County, Anlong County, Liping County, Congjiang County, Rongjiang County, Huangping County, Sansui County, Suiyang County, Meitan County, Xishui County, Guanling Buyizu/Miaozu Autonomous County, Puding County,Zhenning Buyizu/Miaozu Autonomous County, Yuping Dongzu Autonomous County, Yinjiang Tujiazu/Miaozu Autonomous County, Jinsha County, Danzhai County, Tianzhu County, Leishan County, Majiang County, Cengong County, Jianhe County, Jiping County, Pingtang County, Weng'an County, longli County, Luodian County, Qinglong county, pu'an County, Fenggang county, Renhuai County Tongzi county, Nayong County, Weiningwizu,huizu and Miaozu Autonomous County, Hezhang County, Shiqian County, Sinan County, Taosong Miaozu Autonomous County, Xifeng County, Kaiyang County Xiuwen County, Ziyun Buyizu and miaozu Auto. County, Yuqing County, Changshun County, Huishui County, Dejiang County, Yanhe Tujia Nationality Autonomous County, Wanshan Special Zone.


Haikou City, Qiongshan County, Wenchang County, Dingan County, Qionghai County,Wanning County, Tunchang County,Chengmai County, Danxian County, Lingao county, Baoting County, Baisha County,
Qiongzhong County, Lingshui County, Sanya City, Ledong County, Dongfang County, Changjiang County.


Qinhuangdao City, Shijiazhuang City, Chengde City, Baoding City, Tangshan City, Handan City, Zhuozhou City, Xingtai City, Langfang City, Cangzhou City Potou City, Zhaoxian County, Luanping County (Jinshanling Great Wall). Nangong City, Xinji City. Shahe City, Jixian County, Yixian County, Hengshui city, Gaocheng city, Anguo county, Anxin county, Wuqiao county and Mengcun Hui Automomous county. Jinzhou City, Xinle County, Daming County, Cixian County, Qinghe County, Lixian County, Xiongxian County, Nanpi County, Zaoqiang County, Quzhou County, Weixian County, Linzhang County, Cheng'an County, Jize County, Guantao County, Feixiang County, Ningjin County, Weixian County, Qiuxian County, Guangping County, Nanhe County, Baixiang County, Longrao County, Julu County, Xinhe County, Guangzong County, Pingxiang County, Linxi County, Raoyang County, Anping County, Jingxian County, Fucheng County, Dongguang County, Yanshan County, Suning County, Wuji County, Shenze County, Gaoyi County, Gaoyang County, Boye County, Gucheng County. Shenxian County, Bazhou & Renqiu City, Zhangjiakou City (Huailai, Xuanhua, Zhuolu, Weixian, Yangyuan, Huai'an counties are included). counties of luanping, xinglong, kuanxheng manzu zizhixian, weichang manzu mengguzu zizhixian, pingquan, xingtang, pingshan, lingshou, yuanshi, wu'an, shexian, yongnian, neiqiu, renxian, lincheng, dingzhou, mancheng, laiyuan, dingxing, shunping, xushui, tangxian, wangdu, laishui, rongcheng, quyang, fuping, yutian, wuqiang, chicheng, chongli, guyuan, kangbao and gaobeidian city, Longhua County, Fengning Man Nationality Autonomous County, Chengde County, Wuyi County, Luquan City.


Harbin City, Qiqihar City, Daqing City, Jiamusi City, Mudanjiang City, Jixi City, Hegang City, Qitaihe City, Yichun City,Wudalianchi City, Shuangyashan City, Anda City, Suihua City, Beian City, Heihe City, Fujin City, Hailun County, Shuangcheng County, Fangzheng County, Nenjiang County, Zhaodong County, Jagdaqi District (under the jurisdiction of Daxinganling administration)Wuchang County, Shangzhi County, Suiling County, Hulin County, Mishan City, Jiayin County, Hailin City, Ning'an County, Dongning County, Fuyuan County, Luobei County, Suibin County, Raohe County.


Zhengzhou City, Kaifeng City, Luoyang City, Anyang City, Xinxiang City, Xinyang City, Nanyang City, Puyang City, Pingdingshan City, Wenxian County, Sanmenxia City, Jiaozuo City, Hebi City, Shangqiu City, Xuchang City, Zhumadian City, Zhuokou City, Luohe City, Fangcheng County, Dengzhou City, Ye County, Tanghe County, Tongbai County, Zhenping County, Sheqi County, Nanyang County, Xixian County, Huangchuan County, Luoshan County, Xiping County, Suiping County, Runan County, Shangshui County, Huaiyang County, Taikang County, Minquan County, Shangqiu County, Yongcheng County, Xiayi County, Ningling County, Suixian County, Zhecheng County, Yucheng County, Fugou County, Luyi County, Dancheng County, Shenqiu County, Xiangcheng County, Xincai County, Shangcai County, Zhengyang County, Huaibin County, Gushi County, Guangshan County, Xihua County, Biyang County, Pingyu County, Shangcheng County, Xinxian County, luoning county, Bo'ai County, Qinyang City, Zhongmou County, Xinzheng City, Queshan County, Xichuan County, Nanzhao County, Xixia County, Neixiang County, Lingbao City.


Wuhan City, Yichang City, Shashi City, Xiangfan City, Xianning City, Danjiangkou City, Huangshi City, Jingmen City, Ezhou City, Shiyan City, Jiangling County, Puqi City, Huanggang County, Honghu County, Jianli County, Xiaogan City, Yingcheng City, Hanchuan County, Yunmeng County, Anlu City, Hongan County, Jichun County, Huangmei County, Wuxue City, Shishou City, Xiantao City, Zhongxiang County, Jingshan County, Songzi County, Tianmen City, Qianjiang County, Gongan County, Shi'en City, Lichuan City, Zhicheng City, Badong County, Xianfeng County, Jianshi County, Dangyang County, Zhijiang County, Yichang County, Xingshan County, Zigui County, Changyang Tujiazu Autonomous County, Wufeng Tujiazu Autonomous County, Jiayu County, Yunxian County, Yangxin County, Tongshan County, Tongcheng County,Chongyang County, Luotian County, Xishui County, Yingshan County, Guangshui City, Laifeng County, Hefeng County, Dawu County, Macheng City, Shennongjia Nature Preserve, Yunxi County, Xuan'en County.


Changsha City, Hengyang City, Yueyang City, Xiangtan City, Zhuzhou City, Changde City, Jinshi City, Yiyang City, Chenzhou City, Zixing City, Jishou City, Dayong City, Shaoyang City, Loudi City, Lengshuijiang City, Yongzhou City, Lengshuitan City, Taoyuan County, Linfeng County, Fengxian County, Anxiang County, Hanshou County, Nanxian County, Taojiang County, Yuanjiang County, Chenxian County, Anren County, Yongxing County, Guiyang County, Yizhang County, Guidong County, Rucheng County, Sangzhi County, Fenghuang County, Yongshun County, Lianyuan County, Yuanling County, Zhijiang County, Xupu County, Xinhuang Dong Nationality Autonomous County, Dongan County, Jianghua Yao Nationality Autonomous County, Qiyang County, Changde County, Shimen County, Anhua county, Jiahe County, Linwu County, Luxi County, Baojing County, Guzhang County, Longshan County, Huayuan County, Shuangpai County, Daoxian County, Jiangyong County, Lanshan County, Xintian County, Ningyuan County, Xinhua County, Shuangfeng County.


Nanjing City, Suzhou City, Wuxi City, Lianyungang City, Nantong City, Changzhou City, Yangzhou City, Zhenjiang City, Xuzhou City, Huaiyin City, Yancheng City.


Nanchang City, Jiujiang City, Jingdezhen City, Yingtan City, Jinggangshan City, Ganzhou City, Pingxiang City, Xinyu City, Yichun City, Fuzhou City, Jian City, Wuyuan County, Dexing County, Yanshan County, Geyang County, Nanfeng County, Chongren County, Anle County, Yihuang County, Jian County, Ganxian County, Quannan County, Xunwu County, Wanzai County, Shanggao County, Yifeng County, Fengxin County, Fengcheng city, Zhangshu city, Tonggu county, Jingan county, Ninggang county, Yongxin county, Suichuan county, Taihe county, Xingan county, Yongfeng county, Nancheng county,Lichuan county, Guangchang county, Jinxi county, Dongxiang county, Ruijin county, Shicheng county, Xingguo county, Anyuan county, Shangyou county, Chongyi county, Longnan County, Huichang County, Ningdu County, Dingnan County, Yudu County, Gao'an County, Poyang County, Hengfeng County, Wannian County, Yugan County, Guangfeng County, Yushan County, Anyi County, Lianhua County, Wuning County, Xiushui County, Fenyi County, Linchuan County, Zixi County, Xiajiang County, Jishui County, Wan'an County, Xinfeng County.


Changchun City, Jilin City, Yanji City, Siping City, Liaoyuan City, Tonghua City, Baicheng City, Antu County (Changbaishan Mountain Natural Preserve Area), Hunjiang City, Gongzhuling City, Meihekou City, Tumen City, Longjing County, Fuyu City, Da'an City, Taonan City, Qian-guo-er-luo-si Mongolian Nationality Autonomous County, Huichun City,Dunhua City, Zhenlai County, Tongyu County, Changling County, Qian'an County, Helong County, Wangqing County.


Shenyang City, Dalian City, Anshan City, Fushun City, Dandong City, Jinzhou City, Yingkou City, Fuxin City, Liaoyang City, Benxi City, Tieling City, Chaoyang City, Panjin City.

Nei Menggu (Inner Mongolia)

Huhhot City, Baotou City,  Erenhot City, Manzhouli City, Tongliao City, Hailar City, Dongsheng City, Xilinhot City, Zhalantun City, Dalad Qi, Ulanhot City, chifeng City, Ewenkizu Zi Zhi Qi (Nantun), Ergun Zuo Qi (Genhe), Oroqen Zi Zhi Qi (Alihe), Morin Dawa Daurzu Zi Zhi Qi (Nirji), Arun Qi (Na Ji Tun), Wuhai City, Zhunger Qi, Yijinhuoluo Qi, Etuoke Qi, Jining City,Kerguna Youqi, Yakeshi City, Naiman Qi, Kulun Qi, Kerqin Zuoyi Houqi, Kailu County, Kerqin Zuoyi Zhongqi, Linhe City, Dengkou County,Wuyuan County, Hangjin Houqi, Wulate Qianqi, Tuoketuo County, Tumote Zuoqi, Qingshuihe County, Tumote Youqi, Guyang County, Xinghe County, Fengzhen City, Liangcheng County, Zhuozi County, Chahaeryouyi Qianqi, Hangjin Qi, Etuoke Qianqi, Wushen Qi, Alashan Zuoqi, Ningcheng County, Kalaqing Qi, Alukeerqing Qi, Tuquan County, Zhalaite Qi, Keerqingyouyi Qianqi, Keerqing Youyi Zhongqi, Huolinguole City. Zhalute Qi.


Yinchuan City, Zhongwei County, Wuzhong City, Qingtongxia City, Lingwu County, Yanchi County, Zhongning County, Pingluo County, Shizuishan City, Tongxin County, Guyuan County, Xiji County, Haiyuan County, Pengyang County, Jingyuan County, Longde County.


Xining City, Huangzhong County(Tarsi Temple), Germu City, Gonghe County, Gangca County (Qinghaihu Birds-Island), Guide County, Ledu County,Hualong Hui Automonous County, Xunhua Salar Autonomous County, Dulan County, Ulan County, Madoi County, Gangca County, Tongren County, Xinghai County, Tongde County, Zeku County, Henan Mongolian Autonomous County, Yushu County, Maqin County, Jiuzhi County, Ping'an County, Gangcha County, Minhe Huizu Tuzu Autonomous County.


Xian City, Xianyang City, Yanan City, Baoji City, Hancheng City, Tongchuan City, Hanzhong City, Huayin County, Pucheng County, Huangling County, Nanzheng County, Mianxian County, Liuba County, Lueyang County, Ankang City, Shangzhou City, Weinan City, Yulin City, Ansai County, Baihe County, Danfeng County, Dingbian County, Ganquan County, Hanyin County, Hengshan County, Huaxian County, Jingbian County, Langao County, Ningqiang County, Ningshaan County, Pingli County, Shiquan County, Xunyang County, Yanchang County, Zhashui County, Zhenping County, Zhidan County, Zichang County, Ziyang County, Shenmu County, Fugu County, Jiaxian County, Wubao County, Qingjian County, Zizhou County, Wuqi County, Yanchuan County, Fuxian County, Luochuan County, Foping County, Zhenba County, Luonan County, Shangnan County, Shanyang County, Zhen'an County, Dali County, Heyang County, Chengcheng County, Baishui County, Fuping County, Suide County, Mizhi County, Chenggu County, Yichuan County, Tongguan County, Fengxian County, Yangxian County.


Jinan City, Qingdao City, Yantai City, Taian City, Weifang City, Zibo City, Jining City, Zaozhuang City, Dongying City, Rizhao City, Dezhou City, Linyi City, Weihai City, Leling City, Lingxian County, Pingyuan County, Xiajin County, Wucheng County, Qihe County, Yucheng County, Ningjin County, Qingyun County, Linyi County, Tancheng County, Cangshan County, Junan County, Juxian County, Yishui County, Mengyin County, Pingyi County, Feixian County, Yinan County, Linshu County, Binzhou City, Huimin County, Yangxin County, Wudi County, Zhanhua County, Boxing County, Zouping County, Liaocheng City, Linqing City, Yanggu County, Shenxian County, Dong'e County, Guanxian County, Gaotang County, Chiping County, Heze City, Caoxian County, Dingtao County, Chengwu County, Shanxian County, Juyie County, Yuncheng County, Juancheng County, Dongming County.


Taiyuan City, Datong City, Linfen City, Yuncheng City, Yangquan City, Changzhi City, Pingyao City, Hongdong City, Jincheng City,Ruicheng County, Shuozhou City, Xinzhou City, Yuci City, Yuanping City, Huozhou City, Fashi County, Dingxiang County, Pixian County, Xiyang County, Jiaocheng County, Lishi County, Liulin County, fangshan County, Linxian County, Xingxian County, Xishan County, Puxian County, Quwo County, Xinjiang County, Jishan County, Hejin City, Linyi County, Yuanqu County, Jiangxian County, Xiaxian County, Pinglu County, Yongji County, Lingqiu County, Guangling County, Yuxian County, Pingshun County, Licheng County, Wuxiang County, Xiangyuan County, Wutai County, Daixian County, Jingle County, Pianguan County, Baode County, Hequ County, Taigu County, Lingshi County, Zuoquan County, Yushe County, Wenshui County, Zhongyang County, Jixian County, Xiangfen County, Yicheng County, Fushan County, Anze County, Fenxi County, Wanrong County, Houma City.


Chengdu City, Chongqing City, Leshan City, Wanxian City, Yunyang County, Fengjie County, Wushan County, Zhongxian County, Zigong City, Dukuo City, Luzhou City, Deyang City, Mianyang City, Guangyuan City, Neijiang City, Fuling City, Yibin City, Nanchong City, Xichang City, Wuxi City,    Ya'an City, Suining City, Wanxian County, Fengdu County, Jiangan County, Changning County, Gongxian County, Xingwen County, Songpan County, Nanping County, Maerkang County, Maowen Qiang Nationality Autonomous County, Daxian City, Daxian County, Mingshan County, Liangping County, Wenchuan County, Lixian County, Shizhu Tujiazu Autonomous County, Yibin County, Nanxi County, Nanchong County, Guang'an County, Langzhong City, Countries of Dianjiang, Nanchuan, Qianjiang Tujiazu Autonomous, Gaoxian, Pengshui Miaozu Tujiazu Autonomous, Junlian, Pingshan, Wusheng, Dazhu, Tongjiang, Tianquan, Lushan, Baoxing, Xiaojin, Nuoergai, Hongyuan, Kangding, Luding, Huili, Quxian, Pingchang, Nanjiang, Ningnan, Puge, Butuo, Bazhong City, Wanyuan City, Dechang County, Mianning County, Yanyuan County, Zhaojue County, Yuechi County, Linshui County, Huaying City, Xuanhan County, Kaijiang County, Shimian County, Yingjing County, Hanyuan County, Huidong County, Xide County, Ganluo County, Yuexi County, Daofu County, Luhuo County, Ganzi County, Shiqu County, Dege County, Baiyu County, Batang County, Yajiang County, Derong County, Xiangcheng County, Daocheng County, Litang County, Xinlong County, Jiulong County, Danba County, Seda County.


Urumqi City, Shihezi City, Turpan City, Uygur Autonomous Region Kashi City, Hami (Kumul) City, Korla City, Aksu City, Artux City, Changji City, Kuche County, Shache County, Shufu County, Ta-shi-ku-er-gan Tajik Nationality Autonomous County, Fukang County, Yining City, Huocheng County, Shanshan County, Tuokexun County, Yecheng County, Bole City, Aletai City, Kelamayi City, Tacheng City, Kuitun City, Hetian City, Miquan County, Hutubi County, Mulei County, Qitai County, Manasi County, Bohu County, Yanqi County, Luntai County, Qiemo County, Wensu County, Baicheng County, Xinhe County, Minfeng County, Yutian County, Cele County, Moyu County, Shule County, Yingjisha County, Zepu County, Yiwu County, Balikun County, Ruoqiang County, Qinghe County, Fuyun County, Fuhai County, Shawan County, Heshuo County, Hetian County, Luofu County, Shaya County, Pishan County, Wushi County, Bachu County.

Xizang (Tibet)

Lhasa City, Xigaze County (Xigaze Town), Nagqu County ( Nagqu Town), Nedong County (Zedang Town), Nyalam County (Camphorwoods area).


Kunming City, Dali City, Yuxi city, Chuxiong City, Qujing City, Gejiu City, Kaiyuan City, Tonghai County, Jinghong County, Menghai County, Simao county, Lijiang Naxi Nationality Autonomous County, Eryuan County, Jianchuan county, Binchuan County, Weishan Yizu, Huizu Autonomous County, Lufeng County, Wuding County, Yuanmei County, Nanhua county, Yongren County, Dayao County, Yaoan county, Jianshui county, Mile county, Luxi County, Yongsheng county, Jiangchuan county, Chengjiang county, Baoshan City, Tengchong County, Longling County, Luxi county, Ruili County, Wanning City, Yuanjiang Hani, Yi and Dai Nationalities Autonomous county, Mojiang Hani Nationality autonomous County, Jianggu Dai and Yi Nationalities autonomous county, Pu’er hani and Yi Nationalities Autonomous County, Luliang country, Xuanwei County, Luoping county, shizong County, Fuyuan county, Zhongdian County, Ninglang Yi Nationality Autonomous County, Huaping county, Shiping county, Hekou Yaozu Auto. County, Dongchuan City, Mengzi County, Jinping Miaozu, Yaozu and Daizu Auto. County, Yuanyan County, Pingbian Miaozu auto. County, Honghe County, Luchun county.Wenshan County, Yanshan County, Qiubei County, Funing County, Guangnan County, Malipo County, Xichou County, Maguan County, Huaning County, Yimen County, Xinping Yizu and Daizu Auto. County, Eshan Yizu Auto. County, Xiangyun County, Longchuan County, Yingjiang County, Lianghe County, Heqing County, Midu County, Jingdong Yizu Auto. County, Zhenkang County, Malong County, Huize County, Lanping Baizu Pumizu Auto. County. Gengma Daizu and Wazu Auto. County, Cangyuan Wazu Auto. County, Shuangjiang Laguzu, Wazu, Bulangzu and Daizu Auto. County, Lincang County, Yunxian County, Fengqing County, Lushui County, Zhaotong City, Shuifu County, Weixin County, Zhenxiong County, Yiliang County, Daguan County, Yanjin County, Suijiang County, Menglian Daizu, Laguzu and Wazu Auto. County, Jiangcheng Hanizu and Yizu Auto. County, Lancang Laguzu Auto. County, Ximeng Wazu Auto. County, Mengla County, Xingyun County, Longchuan County, Yingjiang County, Lianghe county, Heqing County, Midu County, Jingdong Yizu Auto. County, Zhenkang County, Malong County, Huize County, Lanping Baizu Pumizu Auto. County, Shidian County, Changning County, Zhenyuan Yi, Hani and Lagu Nationalities Autonomous County, Yongping County, Nanjian Yi Nationality Autonomous County, Yunlong County, Yangbi Yi Nationality Autonomous County, Yongde County, Yongshan County, Ludian County, Qiaojia County, Muding County, Shuangbai County, Weixi Lisu Nationality Autonomous County, Deqin County, Xundian Hui and Yi nationalities Autonomous County, Gongshan Dulong and Nu Nationalities Autonomous County, Fugong County.


Hangzhou City, Ningbo City, Shaoxing City, Wenzhou City, Jiaxing City, Huzhou city, Jinhua City, Shujiang City, Putuo County (Putuoshan Mountain Tourist Area), Zhoushan City, Quzhou City, Jishui City, Tiantai County, Qingtian County, Qingtian County, Jinyun County, Huangyan county, Yuhuan County, Wenling County, Longquan city, Yunhe County, Suichang County, Xianju County, Sanmen County, Songyang County, Qingyang County, Jingning County, Lihai City, Changxing County.

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