About Us

About Us

Company Profile

Bike China Adventures, LLC is an American company set up in 1998 for the purpose of providing adventure bicycle tours for Westerners in China. Our focus is on you and your needs so you can experience China at its best.

Our Company Philosophy

It’s our philosophy to keep it local. We hire local people for drivers, mechanics and bilingual guides, and we stay at locally owned hotels and frequent independent restaurants featuring local food specialties. We have one bilingual guide/ride leader on every tour who will be available at rest stops and at the hotel to assist you with your needs.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide meaningful and enjoyable bicycle touring experiences in China that you’ll remember for a lifetime. Our company is founded by Americans who live in China and who hope to share its delights with those who want to ride in this intriguing country. Our company is dedicated to promoting bicycle touring in China because we know convinced that there is no better way to see China than from the seat of your bicycle, riding from village to town to city through the fascinating countryside. China is an entirely different world that can be experienced under your own power, as it is by most of its 1.2 billion residents.

The journey is not the destination, but rather the experiences that you have while traveling from one place to another.